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 Timeline of Major Events of The Philosophers

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PostSubject: Timeline of Major Events of The Philosophers   6/2/2010, 1:32 pm

The Joker King Era: (2/25/10- Around June 2012)

Beginning Period: (2/25/10-11/11/10)

February 25, 2010- The Philosophers are founded by The Joker King, who later became The 1st Boss of The Philosophers.

March 11, 2010- Gabuyhou is appointed to The Wisemen's Commitee in the 1st chair. He is the first member of The Philosophers to hold the position of Wiseman.

July 26, 2010- The Philosophers, ST Alliance, and Alliance of people who hate jeffl ban together and form the Mutual Defense Pact.

August 23, 2010- Gabuyhou is tech raided by a member of the prkle alliance. The Joker King retaliates against this raid, which in turn begins the Philosopher-prkle War.

August 24, 2010- The Joker King is attacked by prkle, after attempting to defend Gabuyhou. The Philosophers declared full scale war against the alliance of prkle.

August 26, 2010- The war against prkle ends in peace. prkle disbands soon after.

October 27, 2010- The Alliance of people who hate jeffl leave the MDP. Only ST Alliance and The Philosophers are left.

November 11, 2010- The Rough Draft of The Philosopher's Creed is finished by The Joker King.

Pre-Ratification Period: (11/11/10-Around June 2012)

November 12, 2010- The Philosopher's Creed is approved by The Joker King and Gabuyhou. It yet needs to be ratified.

December 23, 2010- Gabuyhou sets up the IRC channel #thephilosophers.

February 14, 2011- The MDP between The Philosophers and ST Alliance ended.

March 14, 2011- Formetoknow is appointed to the Wisemen's Committee in the 2nd chair.

May 17, 2011- Formetoknow is removed from the Wisemen's Committee due to inactivity.

Around June 2012- The Philosophers have become defunct.
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Timeline of Major Events of The Philosophers
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